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Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Varner, Casey Adam   I2437
2 Whalen, Amanda Leigh  19 Nov 1985Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I1223


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Lillian K.  23 Jan 1987Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I1554
2 Card, Mary Lynn  2 Oct 2012Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6644
3 Childs, Beulah  1 Apr 1999Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6965
4 Clift, Gertrude  27 Feb 1982Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I652
5 Davis, Margaret  3 Jul 1984Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I295
6 Dobbs, Homer Lee  2 Nov 1994Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I514
7 Duran, Zora Azalee  21 Apr 2009Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I59
8 Eustice, Edward Edgar  16 Sep 1986Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I1555
9 Evans, William James  21 Dec 2004Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I274
10 Flerl, David Anthony  17 Feb 2015Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6667
11 Flerl, Fredrick Bernard  28 Jun 1995Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I661
12 Flerl, Joe M.  23 Jun 1996Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I654
13 Flerl, John Theo  28 May 2009Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I655
14 Flerl, Marshal C.  28 Mar 1994Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I665
15 Green, Christopher Martin  19 Mar 2019Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I144
16 Green, Emma Elizabeth  Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I1701
17 Green, Hattie Marie  12 Jun 1995Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I461
18 Green, Wilma B.  13 Jan 2004Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I36
19 Griffin, James Luther  17 Jan 1995Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5385
20 Gross, Corbert  27 Nov 2005Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5196
21 Hensley, Laura  21 Nov 1977Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I705
22 Higgins, Sally M.  20 Dec 1998Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I2921
23 Horne, Alvin Ray  2 Jan 2000Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I294
24 Hughes, Clarise Viola  27 Feb 1974Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I753
25 Hunt, Jerry Allen  24 Feb 2012Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6789
26 Jenkins, Chrystal Margaret  24 Nov 1986Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I29
27 Jenkins, Florence Roselyn  18 Feb 1996Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I254
28 Jenkins, Sallye Maude  2 Mar 1993Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I43
29 Jenkins, Theodore Edison  15 Jul 1993Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I35
30 Johnson, Lorene  5 Feb 2013Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6669
31 Manning, Betty Lorene  5 Dec 2006Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I277
32 Manning, Blanche Marie  1 Jun 2010Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I229
33 Manning, Ethel  3 Jul 1974Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6688
34 Manning, Lottie  16 Aug 1972Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I70
35 Manning, Martha Alice  30 Aug 1988Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I48
36 Manning, Paul  24 Aug 1985Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6690
37 Manning, Willie Mae  11 Mar 2000Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5236
38 Martin, Zoe Gay  5 Dec 2020Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I141
39 Morgan, George Larkin  14 Dec 1968Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I2706
40 Morgan, George Larkin  14 Dec 1968Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I12601
41 Morgan, Hester Elenora  22 Feb 1974Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I806
42 Mysinger, Guinnie Mae  6 Feb 1981Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I2886
43 Neil, Goldie Elizabeth  3 Jun 1998Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I2823
44 Orr, William Durwood  13 Jun 2002Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I1228
45 Parrott, Bertha Lillian  Feb 1980Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6992
46 Parrott, Elizabeth Ann  15 Jan 1998Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6691
47 Payne, Ella Cordelia  May 1968Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6994
48 Pendergrass, Claude E.  1 Feb 1998Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I2708
49 Pendergrass, Mary Arvazene  29 Jun 2011Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I2698
50 Pendergrass, Sarah Alice  12 Jun 1968Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I2710

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Jenkins, Basil Washington  1996Soddy-Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I292


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Evett / Whalen   F195
2 Whalen / Lewis   F96