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Swain County, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ammons, Clara Helen  23 Oct 1896Swain County, North Carolina I8804
2 Ashe, Flona Mararrah  10 Mar 1886Swain County, North Carolina I7130
3 Ball, Frank Glenn  10 Nov 1904Swain County, North Carolina I2864
4 Ball, Margaret  1914Swain County, North Carolina I2865
5 Barker, Cannie H.  1919Swain County, North Carolina I8162
6 Barker, Frances Marie  26 Feb 1927Swain County, North Carolina I8164
7 Barker, William Rufus  9 Mar 1893Swain County, North Carolina I6225
8 Birchfield, Samuel Gordon  13 Nov 1917Swain County, North Carolina I8312
9 Brendle, Elsie  13 Jul 1916Swain County, North Carolina I7117
10 Bumgarner, Nancy Lucinda  15 Mar 1886Swain County, North Carolina I1955
11 Burchfield, Manuel Harrison Leonadus  10 Apr 1872Swain County, North Carolina I7620
12 Burchfield, Mary Roxie Anna  14 Jan 1879Swain County, North Carolina I1885
13 Burns, Uriah Charles  15 Nov 1812Swain County, North Carolina I2033
14 Calhoun, Dora A.  1896Swain County, North Carolina I1819
15 Calhoun, Flora Elender  16 Jan 1877Swain County, North Carolina I1823
16 Calhoun, Ilie F.  0Dec 1882Swain County, North Carolina I1820
17 Calhoun, John Phillip  1889Swain County, North Carolina I1818
18 Calhoun, Martha E.  0Apr 1884Swain County, North Carolina I1821
19 Calhoun, William  0Jan 1892Swain County, North Carolina I1822
20 Camby, Bessie S.  24 Feb 1892Swain County, North Carolina I6981
21 Carson, Clint Cameron  29 Dec 1920Swain County, North Carolina I6146
22 Carson, Mary Louella  9 Dec 1906Swain County, North Carolina I6145
23 Clampitt, Broadus Lee  4 Mar 1933Swain County, North Carolina I7145
24 Dalrymple, Eva Alice  2 Nov 1903Swain County, North Carolina I6123
25 Davis, Howard Dwight  6 Apr 1933Swain County, North Carolina I8049
26 Davis, William Hamby  2 May 1898Swain County, North Carolina I2978
27 Delozier, Wanda Lee  16 Jan 1926Swain County, North Carolina I8645
28 Dorsey, Charles Columbus  2 Aug 1881Swain County, North Carolina I8589
29 Dorsey, Edna Maye  27 Nov 1905Swain County, North Carolina I8598
30 Elliott, Charles Arthur  22 Feb 1882Swain County, North Carolina I2875
31 Franklin, Ferby Emmaline  5 Mar 1893Swain County, North Carolina I1911
32 Franklin, Laura Rena  6 Mar 1895Swain County, North Carolina I1912
33 Franklin, Lias  27 Jun 1882Swain County, North Carolina I1913
34 Franklin, Nancy Eleanor  14 Jan 1888Swain County, North Carolina I1910
35 Freeman, George Washington  25 Jul 1888Swain County, North Carolina I6107
36 Freeman, John Riley  9 Oct 1880Swain County, North Carolina I6104
37 Garrett, Lura  6 Jun 1875Swain County, North Carolina I2035
38 Garrett, Sarah Jane  6 Mar 1868Swain County, North Carolina I1878
39 Gibby, Samantha Palestine  2 Oct 1874Swain County, North Carolina I1951
40 Green, Dessie  11 Aug 1906Swain County, North Carolina I1918
41 Howard, Charles Carson  17 Mar 1870Swain County, North Carolina I1862
42 Howard, Francis Jerry  8 Mar 1879Swain County, North Carolina I1864
43 Howard, Noah Jackson  5 Feb 1876Swain County, North Carolina I1863
44 Hyde, Francis Harvey  9 May 1886Swain County, North Carolina I1852
45 Hyde, Hassie  17 Sep 1894Swain County, North Carolina I1880
46 Jenkins, Elizabeth Ann  27 Sep 1856Swain County, North Carolina I1850
47 Jenkins, Albert L.  26 Feb 1899Swain County, North Carolina I2799
48 Jenkins, Alexander Montraville  7 May 1853Swain County, North Carolina I6089
49 Jenkins, Allie O.   I2854
50 Jenkins, Aurella  0Sep 1896Swain County, North Carolina I2000

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baines, Elizabeth  Swain County, North Carolina I1785
2 Birchfield, Samuel Gordon  11 Nov 1984Swain County, North Carolina I8312
3 Bradley, Ella Mae  11 May 1987Swain County, North Carolina I5215
4 Brendle, Judith Anna  29 Apr 1924Swain County, North Carolina I327
5 Bumgarner, Nancy Lucinda  30 Jan 1984Swain County, North Carolina I1955
6 Burchfield, Manuel Harrison Leonadus  17 May 1936Swain County, North Carolina I7620
7 Burchfield, Sarah Louise  28 Jun 1879Swain County, North Carolina I2034
8 Burns, Uriah Charles  7 Jun 1862Swain County, North Carolina I2033
9 Carson, Clint Cameron  20 Nov 2005Swain County, North Carolina I6146
10 Dalrymple, Eva Alice  24 Apr 1991Swain County, North Carolina I6123
11 Edwards, Elizabeth  3 Dec 1980Swain County, North Carolina I8801
12 Elliott, Fannie  19 Apr 2007Swain County, North Carolina I2798
13 Franklin, William Henry  13 Apr 1943Swain County, North Carolina I1851
14 Howard, Noah Jackson  5 Apr 1908Swain County, North Carolina I176
15 Hughes, Elvira Elizabeth  21 Jan 1899Swain County, North Carolina I7822
16 Hyde, Susanna Josephine  0Oct 1933Swain County, North Carolina I1909
17 Jenkins, Albert L.  3 May 1980Swain County, North Carolina I2799
18 Jenkins, Carrie  25 Sep 1870Swain County, North Carolina I5378
19 Jenkins, Charles  10 Mar 1929Swain County, North Carolina I435
20 Jenkins, Charles F.  28 Feb 1903Swain County, North Carolina I1804
21 Jenkins, Eppophroditus  14 Oct 1963Swain County, North Carolina I2811
22 Jenkins, Florence Minnie  9 Jul 1971Swain County, North Carolina I2975
23 Jenkins, Francis  6 Dec 1939Swain County, North Carolina I8107
24 Jenkins, Helen  28 Oct 1978Swain County, North Carolina I2844
25 Jenkins, James Vinson  21 Nov 1999Swain County, North Carolina I6132
26 Jenkins, Josiah  1850Swain County, North Carolina I94
27 Jenkins, Julia Evelyn  10 Jul 1983Swain County, North Carolina I1977
28 Jenkins, Keilann  18 Feb 1943Swain County, North Carolina I2029
29 Jenkins, Lucille  23 Mar 2006Swain County, North Carolina I1966
30 Jenkins, Lynden Charles  2 Mar 2005Swain County, North Carolina I1860
31 Jenkins, Margaret Caroline  1 Jan 1933Swain County, North Carolina I1810
32 Jenkins, Marsada Parsade  1904Swain County, North Carolina I1800
33 Jenkins, Mary Caroline  21 Mar 1913Swain County, North Carolina I175
34 Jenkins, Neal Billie  Swain County, North Carolina I2782
35 Jenkins, Phillip Henry  5 Jul 1893Swain County, North Carolina I2031
36 Jenkins, Robert Lee  25 Feb 1906Swain County, North Carolina I1799
37 Jenkins, Robert Lee  8 Dec 1977Swain County, North Carolina I2818
38 Jenkins, Susanne Adeline  2 Nov 1909Swain County, North Carolina I1811
39 Jenkins, Thomas A.  11 Nov 1883Swain County, North Carolina I1798
40 Jenkins, William M.  10 Mar 1929Swain County, North Carolina I436
41 Jenkins, Zenobia Caldonia  1 May 1908Swain County, North Carolina I1795
42 M., Sally  14 Oct 2010Swain County, North Carolina I2794
43 Messer, McClellan Cline  18 May 1983Swain County, North Carolina I8311
44 Nichols, Mary Jane  8 Dec 1909Swain County, North Carolina I325
45 Orr, James William  10 Apr 1937Swain County, North Carolina I2976
46 Shook, William Pinkerton Lafayette  21 Feb 1936Swain County, North Carolina I1882


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Jenkins, Mary Caroline  Swain County, North Carolina I175

Also Known As

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Also Known As    Person ID 
1 Ralston, David Andrew  25 Jan 1894Swain County, North Carolina I5785


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Birchfield / McMahan  13 May 1908Swain County, North Carolina F2462
2 Graham / Jenkins  10 Feb 1877Swain County, North Carolina F3071
3 Griffin / Ledford  17 Nov 1951Swain County, North Carolina F2979
4 Jenkins / Bumgarner  11 Nov 1906Swain County, North Carolina F771
5 Jenkins / Calhoun  1899Swain County, North Carolina F724
6 Jenkins / Cunningham   F716
7 Jenkins / Jenkins  2 Mar 1881Swain County, North Carolina F2754
8 Jenkins / Shepard   F1016
9 Jenkins / Shuler  17 Aug 1902Swain County, North Carolina F739
10 Jenkins / Stevenson  17 May 1909Swain County, North Carolina F2372
11 Messer / Jenkins  11 Jun 1930Swain County, North Carolina F3209
12 Parker / Jenkins  1891Swain County, North Carolina F714
13 Ralston / Jenkins  25 Jan 1894Swain County, North Carolina F2365
14 Smith / Ledford  31 May 1956Swain County, North Carolina F2391


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Jenkins / Wiggins  17 Nov 1967Swain County, North Carolina F2213