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Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan



Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dziewit, Adela Anna  1 Sep 1921Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I7393
2 Kaluzny, Alphonse Joseph  8 Jan 1917Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I111
3 Kaluzny, Conrad Joseph  1 Mar 1919Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I5554
4 Kaluzny, Edward Aloize  10 Jun 1920Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I5555
5 Kaluzny, Ronald  26 Jun 1950Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I7390
6 Kaluzny, Thaddeus A.  2 Dec 1914Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I5553
7 Lamy, Florence Adelia  31 Aug 1909Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I1646
8 Ledford, Carl Joseph   I2610
9 Ledford, Jack Lloyd  2 Jul 1953Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I2612
10 Ledford, James Robert   I2611
11 Ouellette, Bernadine Mary  2 Nov 1924Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I9172
12 Roy, Barbara Jean  6 Apr 1932Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I2667
13 Roy, Elaine Francis  1 Nov 1934Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I2668
14 Roy, George Kenneth  1 Mar 1944Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I2670
15 Roy, George Louis  5 Mar 1902Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I286
16 Roy, June Delores  12 Aug 1933Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I5154
17 Roy, Louis Peter  17 Oct 1866Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I2433
18 Roy, Patricia Arlene  13 Aug 1937Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I2669
19 Roy, Shirley Ruth  17 Jun 1929Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I2420
20 Roy, Thomas Alvin  22 Dec 1930Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I2666
21 Serafin, Francis Joseph  30 Sep 1907Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I8287


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Good, James Patrick  1 Jan 1952Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I822
2 Horry, Louise  15 Aug 1966Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I2434
3 Jones, Edith Patricia  14 Jun 1987Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I7950
4 Kaluzny, Ronald  9 Aug 1951Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I7390
5 Ledford, Jack Lloyd  21 Sep 1953Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I2612
6 Passmore, Lloyd  27 Mar 1952Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I969
7 Passmore, Michael Alton  9 May 2015Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I7384
8 Roy, Barbara Jean  6 Apr 1932Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I2667
9 Roy, Elaine Francis  0Mar 1935Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I2668
10 Roy, George F.  Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I2671
11 Roy, Louis Peter  22 Dec 1943Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I2433
12 Roy, Raymond George  9 Apr 1996Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I2673
13 Roy, Russell Paul  12 Feb 1974Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I2674
14 Sawyer, Joel Douglas  8 Mar 1973Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I6984
15 Stumpf, George Henry  17 Oct 1947Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I9170
16 Stumpf, John Robert  1 Oct 1988Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I9171
17 Vettel, Julia A.  Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I2672
18 Zielinski, Leokadia  22 Jul 1939Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I113


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Kaluzny / Butrynowicz  1 Jun 1940Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F3281
2 Kaluzny / Dziewit  13 Oct 1951Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F2854
3 Kaluzny / Lewandowski  5 Aug 1944Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F2853
4 McClure / Lamy  18 Dec 1926Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F624